Business law / M&A

Business law / M&A
Fredrik Sonander

  • M&A
  • Real estate transactions
  • Fundraising/financing/investments
  • General corporate

Business law is a means towards achieving business success for my clients. That has been my focus ever since I graduated from law school. A large chunk of my time is spent on various types of transactions in all imaginable industries. I help entrepreneurs realize their dreams, perhaps by inviting new partners or divesting their life’s work. I help businesses grow through acquisitions, and help investors acheive return on investments. Over the years, I have done hundreds of deals in everyting from real estate and manufacturing businesses to consumer targeting e-commerce.

I also help my clients with all kinds of agreements, whether it be for a joint venture, a distribution setup, licensing or anything else that comes up in the course of their business. I am equally comfortable at the negotiation table as buried in the latest judgment from the Supreme Court. Teaching gives me great joy. Sometimes it is for fellow practioners, other times for law students, or for any business that wants to understand how the law can be used to create value and reduce risk.

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